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Smoky Grey Interior With Warm Ambient Lighting

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Smoky grey decor runs through this stylish home interior, with modern outlines and textures accentuated by warm ambient lighting. The home design, visualised by IQOSA, has a decidedly suave and sophisticated air, with bespoke pieces of furniture and unique accent walls. Wood effect panels and stone tiling encases the place with modern decadence. Muted tones meet with the grey dominant backdrop to create an earthy colour palette that sits solidly inside the shady abode. The master bedroom takes the earthy theme a little farther with a terrarium-style ensuite bathroom. Despite large panoramic windows with sweeping city views, the dark decor keeps the rooms feeling intimate and cosy.

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Warm white lighting diffuses down a grey stone block accent wall in the living room. The feature stretches across almost the entire width of the spacious lounge area.

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A pair of round coffee tables take up the centre spot upon a dark area rug.


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The modern sofa is a modular design that has been put together in a massive arrangement, which spans two sides of the room and ends in a comfortable chaise section.

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Wood slatted panels cross the ceiling of the lounge area, with lighting embedded into the recesses at suitable increments. The textured ceiling makes the room feel cosy and intimate, and complements the dramatic stone feature wall.

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A huge tv sits upon a low slung media unit, in front of panoramic windows.

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Two accent chairs serve as a subtle, and repositionable, room divider between the lounge and the dining room in the open plan space.

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Tiny vessels of light are scattered in a modern chandelier design above the dining set.

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Muted colour dining chairs are gathered around a round dining table, poised to seat eight for dinner.


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A long kitchen island stands behind the dining area, boldly marking out the cooking territory. A wall of tall cabinets and integrated appliances march behind it.

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There is another stone block accent wall beside the kitchen, this time cladding a small chimney breast above a modern fireplace. Bespoke bookshelves climb each side of it.

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wine decanter tray adorns the large kitchen island design, beside a sink that’s integrated into the countertop.

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At the other end of the long granite countertop there lies an integrated induction hob.

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Four kitchen bar stools line up along a dining peninsula that is attached to one end of the kitchen island, offering a stunning view of the cityscape.

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In the hallway, an intriguing lighting scheme makes the wood clad walls appear secretive, as though they could reveal a hidden room or lair.

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More wood cladding shapes the decor inside a luxury bedroom scheme, teamed up with white marble slabs across the lower half of the walls.

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A soft grey island is created with a circular area rug tucked under the bed.

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The floor lamps by the window are the Oda style lamp. Originals are available here.

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The stylish lamps serve as task lighting for a modern home office desk.

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A glass wall ensuite bathroom opens up at the opposite side of the luxury bedroom.

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Marble tile streaks the lower half of the grey and white bathroom design.

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Inside a second double bedroom, a feature wall of wood effect panelling and LED strip lights has been created behind the headboard.

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A brown platform bed melds with the rich tone of the wood grain walls.

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A grey bed runner matches with the grey bedroom rug. A comfortable bedroom chair sits by the window to take in the glorious panorama.

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Opposite the foot of the bed, a modern dressing table stretches out across the wall, with storage drawers below it.

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The bedroom vanity cuts across a floor to ceiling mirror, and recessed strip lights that match the headboard feature wall.

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terrarium room is home to a strikingly gnarled tree by the bedside.

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Just past the brightly lit tree, we see that this is actually a transition into a glass wall ensuite bathroom.

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Stunning texture covers the ensuite bathroom walls and the sides of the bathtub. A privacy wall puts the toilet out of view of the bedroom, but the pedestal sink can just be spied behind the decorative tree.

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The unique bathroom sink stands in front of a custom cut mirror that reflects the terrarium, and a cluster of stunning bathroom pendant lights.

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The bedroom is also equipped with a walk-in wardrobe.

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We find yet another luxurious double bedroom suite inside this home–this time with a mirrored headboard feature wall.

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The headboard wall is lit along its base line, which highlights marble cladding along the lower section.

  • 33 |

Modern bedroom pendant lights dangle above the bedsides.

  • 34 |

A walk-in closet opens up at one side of the suite.

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A modern vanity chair sits at a dressing table just beyond the sliding doors.

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Mood lighting makes dramatic highlights on the textured tv wall decor. A large pouf and a designer lamp make a cosy vista in the corner.

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Behind the mirrored headboard wall we discover an ensuite bathroom with a double sink bathroom vanity area.

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Illuminated mirrors serve each pedestal sink.

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A black bathtub waits on the opposite side of the bathroom, next to a small side table and a recessed shower nook.

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A separate toilet room is softly lit with LED strip lights, which emanate from a narrow wall recess beside the toilet pan.

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